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December 27, 2011

We came (to the bar). We saw (more like watched on a big screen). We argued. And argued. And argued some more.

Sports takes up a majority of our conversations. From the local Chicago teams we hold near and dear, to ridiculing the extent the national media hammers certain stories down our throats, the writers of The PUP List never lack on subjects to talk about.

Riding to work, at the weekly poker tables, at the bar stool, or in parties (as we ignore the music, food, and girls), The PUP List brings the everyday dialogue to “The Interwebs” for public discourse.

Are we always right? Well, no. That’s the point. It’s never about right or wrong. We want to base sports discussion on the quality of the argument, not merely on throwing a hair-brained thought to the wall with the hope that it would stick.

The word “argue” used at the beginning is more of a misnomer. Our discussions are more of a dissection of the facts than a shouting match. But don’t take this as some incredible social experiment.

So why bring yet another sports blog to bring good convo to the table.

For one person it’s a way to practice his writing and web communication.

For the other it’s part of a lifelong task to bring objectivity and sanity to involving sports discourse, one article at a time.

We hope to make you laugh. If we make you cry, stop chopping onions while surfing the net. But please remember, as much as sports encompasses our lives, it is at its core, entertainment. So we hope that you’re entertained.

And if you’re not, we’ll find out where you live, and a scuffle might ensue, where afterwards, you’ll find yourself on….

The PUP List


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