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Our first ever Live Blog will be taking place on Thursday, April 25th, 2013.  Round 1 of the NFL Draft and Bulls-Nets Game 3.  Feel free to email your question and comments, or just post them at the bottom of this page.  We’ll address them all starting at 7 PM CDT.


(6:49 PM CDT): Good evening ladies and gentlemaaaaan….  Welcome to The PUPList’s first ever Live Blog.  Tonight’s events will be led by myself, Ross Mitchell, from the comfort of my home in lovely Chicago, Illinois.  With me is my cousin Jon, a physicals grad student at Northwestern University.  Jon is proof that when broadcasters marvel at the intelligence level of the likes of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, they’re not looking at the big picture.  I’m not calling them stupid by any means, but while they decipher complex blitz packages and coverages, Jon is dissecting the atom or proving the existence of black holes.  About ten minutes until we get under way.  Also at 7:30 we have Game 3 of the Bulls-Nets series, highlighted by Derrick Rose’s ACL and Joakim Noah and Joe Johnson’s Plantar Faciitis.

Again Chris Berman reminds us that this is a draft that may not have a lot of superstars, but helps you build your team.  Or, you don’t know who these players are because they play offensive line, but we put a lot of money into it producing this, so please watch.

(7:01 PM): Russell Wilson reminding us that he was taken in the third round.  He was probably paid more money to do the opening spot than the amount of his rookie contract.  Also, over/under on “Tom Brady was taken in the 6th round is set at 50.  Take the over, take the points.  We are underway!

We’re currently watching ESPN over NFL Network.  Jon reminds me that everyone is going to be wrong about everything, that he’d like to see the Chiefs take a ham sandwich, and the Raiders once again select JaMarcus Russell.  Rodger Goodell approaches the podium to suspend the entire draft class for their involvement in the Saint’s Bounty Scandal.

(7:05 PM): Joe Namath at the podium.  Drunk on a Thursday.  First man I’ve ever seen render Phil Simms speechless.  Berman says, “he’s ready for some football” after watching Namath.  How about a scotch?

(7:07 PM): Jon demands teams justify their picks on the spot.

(7:09 PM):  And the first pick is…Leon Sandcastle!  The internet just crashed when 10,000 blogs made that same joke.  Jon inquires what Mel Kiper, Jr. does the rest of the season when not preparing for the draft.  I remind him that direct sunlight to a vampire’s skin results in death.

(7:15 PM): First pick, Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan.  Berman says his go-to line of “comes from a blue-collared family from _____”.  In this case Fisher is from Detroit.  I won’t make the obligatory “someone else leaving Detroit joke,” mainly because no one is left in the city to hear it.

(7:25 PM): Luke Joeckel goes number two.   He fills a need for the Jaguars.  Then again fans attending the game would fill a need.  I hope he likes Los Angeles.

(7:27 PM): The Raiders have traded the third overall pick to the Cardinals for Carson Palmer.  Kiper reminds us that the Raiders have gotten “nothing” out of recent first round draft picks.  ESPN just showed a graphic of Raider first round picks and who followed them.  C.J. Spiller, Aaron Rodger, Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald.  And Sam Bowie.

(7:31 PM): The oldest man on the planet working the phones for Oakland.  He thinks he’s talking to his grandson.  Very sweet.  Oakland TRADES THE PICK TO THE DOLPHINS.  Jon points out that his prediction of the first three picks of the draft being offensive tackles…and is shot down when they select Dion Jordan.  Gruden shakes his head begrudgingly.

(7:37 PM): Joakim Noah introduced.  Didn’t think I’d be hearing his name before fellow Gator Shariff Floyd.  Suzy Kobler interviews Dion Jordan.  Says he was shocked to be taken third overall.  Says he wasn’t expecting that “his first time”. Has anyone explained to him that you only get drafted once?

(7:43 PM): Philly takes Lane Johnson at four.  Berman jokes he used to be a Junior College quarterback and will compete to run Chip Kelly’s spread-offense.  Michael Vick does not laugh.  Then they show highlights of Johnson playing quarterback.  Michael Vick turns off his TV.

(7:46 PM): The Lions are on the clock.  Wide receiver anyone?  “The back end where you can’t defend anything.  The back end that has just been awful.” -Mel Kiper Jr. on the Lions secondary.  Tell us how you really feel Mel.  The Commish at the podium with Barry Sanders, Madden 25’s cover boy.  He immediately tears his ACL.  Lions end up taking Ezekiel Ansah from BYU.  Well the coach is on the hot seat, the secondary allowed 4,900 passing yards.  Developmental player anyone?

(7:52 PM): Suzy Kobler interviewing Ziggy Ansah from The Bud Light Blue Room aka the left side of the stage.  Ansah says on coming to America that he thought he’d be the next LeBron James, that Detroit drafting him is like LeBron James playing in Detroit. and that the Lions are going to be in the Super Bowl next year.  0/3.

Barkevious Mingo goes to Cleveland at six, who have their own history with King James.  Helps a putrid pass rush get better.  Glad Cleveland didn’t draft a quarterback.  Weeden has a lot of promise and it’s way to soon to give up on him.  Just goes to show you how reactionary everyone is, when abandoning last year’s first-round pick who they traded back into the first round for, seems like a salient maneuver.

(8:02 PM): The Rams trade up to 8 overall, the pick formerly belonging to the Bills and select Tavon “Pocket Rocket” Austin.  He’s wearing a velvet jacket.  Reminds me of Darren Sproles, which is interesting because they play different positions.  A playmaker to help Bradford.

(8:10 PM): So I was flipping through channel guide a few days ago and saw the movie “New Year’s Eve” was on one of the movie channels.  It’s supposed to be a comedy with a who’s-who of Hollywood stars.  I watched about five minutes and low-and-behold about fifteen B-to-A list celebrities had popped up on screen.  But five minutes was all I could take because the script was awful.  It just goes to show flash-and-style don’t supplement lack of talent/direction.  I don’t know what made me think of that.  Anyway, the Jets are on the clock.

(8:17 PM): The Jets fans like their pcki–never mind they’re booing.  Dee Milliner from Alabama.  It’s a really good pick for the Jets as he replaces Darrelle Revis.  Wait…the backstage hat guy just handed Milliner a Buccaneers hat.

(8:20 PM): TAJ GIBSON JUST DUNKED ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!  Stacey King is losing his mind, “!”  The poster machine is out.  On Kris Humphries.  And he’s out.  Good news is Jerry Stackhouse is in.  Yes, that Jerry Stackhouse.  I’ll try to flip back to the Bulls game more frequently, but there’s been a lot of action in the Draft thus far.

(8:26 PM): What?!

(8:31 PM): So now that D.J. Fluker is off the board, thus emptying the cream of the talent-pool crop for offensive linemen, the Oakland are back on the clock.  Sharrif Floyd is still on the board.  Something fell into the Raider’s lap.  Go figure.

(8:38 PM) Or D.J. Hayden.  Wow, talk about a guy who has overcome a lot to be selected in the first round.  I hope he thrives in Oakland after the life/career threatening heart injury during a practice at Houston.  They just showed the guy’s scar running down the length of his chest.  This guy’s awesome.  Hope he has a great career.

(8:45 PM): The Jets are back on the clock.  The Jets fans are already booing.  And they continue to boo after they take Sheldon Richardson.  In my mock draft I said there was a 70% chance the Jets go defense with their picks and fail to address their desperate need to add offensive talent.  Upon further review that percentage was far, far too low.  Also, Sharrif Floyd is still on the board.  Is there something I’m not aware of, or was this guy not projected to go in the top-3 earlier this afternoon?

(8:53 PM): Rodger Goodell has revoked the Saints 15th overall pick.  Oh he hasn’t?  He tried but they wouldn’t let him?  The Bounty-gate jokes are played out?  Understood.

(9:01 PM): The Bills are back on the clock and Adam Schefter says they are likely to pick a quarterback, possibly E.J. Manuel.  Jon is bothered by the name E.J.  He demands an explanation.  What he wants explained,  I can’t say for certain, but he’s wearing a Brandon Marshall jersey so I won’t argue.

(9:02 PM): By the way E.J. Manuel would be an awful pick.

(9:04 PM): Awful pick.  Awful, awful pick.  Not questioning Manuel’s ability, but you just got an additional second round pick.  Are you telling me that Manuel wouldn’t have been available in the second round?  Are you telling me the Bills couldn’t trade back into the tail end of the first round?  Why?  Why?  Why?!

(9:07 PM): Luol Deng broke Gerald Wallace’s ankles.  Maybe the Jets should draft one of the Bulls defenders.

(9:10 PM): Alright, I just heard E.J. Manuel speak about his mom and all the hardships she has had to overcome, and then say “I’m (She) isn’t the only one to have to go through something like that”.  I hope he wins the starting job.  Class act, good kid.  And I’m a momma’s boy myself, so there you go.

(9:14 PM): The 49ers trade up and select Eric Reid to replace Vernon Gholdston.  It’s a reach, but it addresses a need.

(9:19 PM): Why is Russell Wilson still yelling at me?

(9:21 PM): The Bears are on the clock and literally everything is on the board.  I really don’t want them to take a corner back, but Xavier Rhodes is on the board so that has me a little nervous.  Can we clone Brandon Marshall?

(9:24 PM): I see the Grey Cup is a blatant copyright infringement of the Stanley Cup.  Also, Gruden doesn’t know the Bears signed Martelius Bennett.

(9:28 PM): What the hell?  Kyle Long?  Really?  Phil Emery really makes me wonder sometimes.  I mean other than the obvious Brandon Marshall trade, he has made a lot of “wait-and-see picks”.  Essentially Gabe Carimi has been relegated to a backup, though apparently Long can play right tackle.  They still don’t have a viable third wide receiver or a long term answer at middle linebacker.  Okay, they’re doing everything they can to keep Jay Cutler upright, so I’m not that upset.  I just think like Shea McClellin last season, they could have taken Long later than they did.

(9:41 PM): After digesting this for a few minutes, Kyle Long does, in theory, make the offensive line better, which Bears fans have complained about once or twice these past few seasons.  I guess ultimately my qualm is, to quote someone on Reddit, if that’s the player the Bears wanted, they could have traded down.  Maybe they couldn’t find anyone to trade with and Long was on top of their board.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  Either way, the line has been bolstered.  Jon: “If we get a good enough offensive line we can go back to seven step drops.  USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!”

(9:46 PM): The Vikings just got the steal of the draft.  Sharrif Floyd is a beast.  And with the potential Manti Te’o pick at 25, the Vikings defense has the potential to be loaded.

(9:49 PM): Bulls up by 7 with just over 2 minutes left in the game.  Deng and Boozer, much like most of the season, are carrying the Bulls offensively.

(9:53 PM): Really bad clock management by the Nets not fouling.  Equally bad execution by the Bulls offense down the stretch.  Jon makes a good point that bringing in a raw talent like Kyle Long for arguably the best offensive line coach in the league in the form of Aaron Kromer to mold and develop makes a lot of sense.  A young prospect with a ton of potential?  That’s the point of coaching.

(9:56 PM):  Minnesota takes Xavier Rhodes to help solidify the secondary.  Not a linebacker but definitely a good move.  And now the Packers.  Eddie Lacy anyone?

(10:01 PM): Big, big, big free throw by Joakim.  Get that Jo!.  The Packers take yet another defense end.  They’re 22nd in the last two years.  But as long as you have Aaron Rodgers, you don’t need much else.

(10:02 PM): Another one bites the dust!  The Bulls win!  Up 2-1 headed into a crucial Game 4 on Saturday.

(10:09 PM): The Texans take DeAndre Hopkins to give Matt Schaub another option along with Andrew Johnson and the oft injured Owen Daniels.  Adam Schefter reports that the Vikings are trying desperately to trade back into the first round to get Manti Te’o.  Meanwhile ESPN has spliced a video montage of Te’o with wet hair and 50 Cent.  There’s a joke in there somewhere.

In Breaking News: Rodger Goodell has suspended the children from the Heads-Up Football League for not using proper form.

(10:20 PM): The Vikings just mortgaged the farm for their third first round pick of the night.  And while they did give up a lot of later round picks, again, they are about to take their first pick of the first round.  Could be Patterson, could be Te’o.  All I’ll say is whichever position they don’t draft now, the Vikings are going to be hard pressed to replace them with so few picks remaining.

(10:30 PM):  Wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams take another wide receiver or Zach Ertz, but Eddie Lacy makes so much sense here it’s almost destined not to happen.  The Vikings also elect to go with the wide receiver, so Te’o remains on the board.  It makes a lot of sense for the defending Super Bowl champions to take him at 32, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

(10:37 PM): I’ve stopped caring.  The Rams took a linebacker from Georgia.  I took the leftover ravioli from the fridge.

(10:41 PM): Dallas just reached two rounds too early for Travis Fredricks and the Ravens take Matt Elam from Florida to replace Ed Reed.  Should definitely be an interesting second day.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our first live blog extravaganza   I’m now going to try and reenter society.

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