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Think of this section as quick/random thoughts too long for the Twitter machine and Facebook while being too short to be considered an article.  They’re quick, provocative, and yet significant enough to have an impact.  What does that mean?  No friggin’ clue.


2013 MLB Mid-Season Predictions:

By Ross Mitchell (7/21/2013)

NL Wild Card:

WC #1 Cincinnati Reds over WC #2 Pittsburgh Pirates

AL Wild Card:

WC #2 Baltimore Orioles over WC #1 Boston Red Sox


#1 St. Louis Cardinals over WC Cincinnati Reds

#2 Atlanta Braves over #3 Los Angeles Dodgers


#1 Detroit Tigers over WC Baltimore Orioles

#3 Oakland Athletics over #2 Tampa Bay Rays


#1 St. Louis Cardinals over #2 Atlanta Braves


#1 Detroit Tigers over #3 Oakland Athletics

World Series:

#1 Detroit Tigers over #1 St. Louis Cardinals


2013 NHL Playoff Predictions:

By Ross Mitchell (4/28/2013)

Eastern Conference Round 1:

1. Pittsburgh Penguins over 8. New York Islanders (4-1)

7. Ottawa Senators over 2. Montreal Canadiens (4-2)

3. Washington Capitals over 6. New York Rangers (4-3)

4. Boston Bruins over 5. Toronto Maple Leafs (4-2)

Western Conference Round 1:

1. Chicago Blackhawks over 8. Minnesota Wild (4-0)

7. Detroit Red Wings over 2. Anaheim Ducks (4-3), picked with heart, not head.

6. San Jose Sharks over 3. Vancouver Canucks (4-2)

5. Los Angeles Kings over 4. St. Louis Blues (4-1)

Eastern Conference Semifinals:

1. Pittsburgh Penguins over 7. Ottawa Senators (4-0)

3. Washington Capitals over 4. Boston Bruins (4-3)

Western Conference Semifinals:

1. Chicago Blackhawks over 7. Detroit Red Wings (4-0)

5. Los Angeles Kings over 6. San Jose Sharks (4-2)

Eastern Conference Finals:

1. Pittsburgh Penguins over 3. Washington Capitals (4-1)

Western Conference Finals:

1. Chicago Blackhawks over 5. Los Angeles Kings (4-2)

Stanley Cup Finals:

1. Chicago Blackhawks over 1. Pittsburgh Penguins (4-3)

Conn Smythe Trophy: Jonathan Toews, C, Chicago Blackhawks


Breaking Down the Bears 2013 Schedule:

By Ross Mitchell (4/19/2013)

My opinion could change, but here is my initial reactions to the announcement of the schedule.  As of now my NFC Championship game is San Francisco vs. Washington (if RGIII is healthy, San Francisco vs. Seattle if not), Denver vs. Cincinnati in the AFC Championship, and San Francisco vs. Cincinnati in the Super Bowl with San Francisco winning the Lombardi Trophy.  Again, my picks as of now.  I’m sure that will change by kickoff in September.

Week 1: vs. Bengals.  Bears win just because it’s the home/season opener. (1-0)

Week 2: vs. Vikings.  Bears contain AP, torch Minnesota secondary. (2-0)

Week 3: at Steelers.  Steelers are on the decline.  Bears the better team. (3-0)

Week 4: at Lionst.  Tillman vs. Johnson Round 1.  Tillman wins. (4-0)

Week 5: vs. Saints.  Lovie not there to solve Sean Payton.  (4-1)

Week 6: vs. Giants.   Could go either way, going with the home team. (5-1)

Week 7: at Redskins.  RGIII should be healthy.  Redskins on the rise. (5-2)

Week 8: Bye. I can actually join a weekend of stress-free football.

Week 9: at Packers (MNF).  …  … … It’s a really good game. (5-3)

Week 10: vs. Lions. Another good game, but Bears are the better team. (6-3)

Week 11: vs. Ravens. Baltimore struggles in ’13.   Cutler eyes Flacco’s deal. (7-3)

Week 12: at Rams: Defensive battle.  Rams surprise Trestman and crew. (7-4)

Week 13: at Vikings: AP has big day.  Vikings win a tight one. (7-5)

Week 14: vs. Cowboys (MNF). Bears D scores again, Cutler plays big. (8-5)

Week 15: at Browns.  Cleveland is better but not good enough. (9-5)

Week 16: at Eagles.  One day people will stop thinking Philly is good. (10-5)

Week 17: vs. Packers.  Even tighter game, Bears end losing streak (11-5)

NFC North Standings: Packers: 12-4, Bears: 11-5, Vikings: 8-8, Lions: 7-9.

Playoffs: (5) Bears beat (4) Falcons in Wild Card, lose to 49ers in Divisional.


2013 NBA Playoff Predictions

By Ross Mitchell (4/19/2013)

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (Total Games Played in Series):

1. Miami Heat over Milwaukee Bucks (4)

2. New York Knicks over 7. Boston Celtics (6)

3. Indiana Pacers over 6. Atlanta Hawks (6)

5. Chicago Bulls over 4. Brooklyn Nets (7)

Western Conference Quarterfinals:

1. Oklahoma City over 8. Houston Rockets (7)

2. San Antonio Spurs over 7. Los Angeles Lakers (6)

3. Denver over 6. Golden State (7)

4. Los Angeles Clippers over 5. Memphis Grizzlies (7)

Eastern Conference Semifinals:

1. Miami Heat over 5. Chicago Bulls (5)

2. New York Knicks over 3. Indiana Pacers (6)

Western Conference Semifinals:

1. Oklahoma City Thunder over 4. Los Angeles Clippers (4)

3. Denver Nuggets over 2. San Antonio Spurs (7)

Eastern Conference Finals:

1. Miami Heat over 2. New York Knicks (6)

3. Denver Nuggets over 1. Oklahoma City Thunder (7)

NBA Finals:

1. Miami Heat over Denver Nuggets (5)

Finals MVP:  LeBron James

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